The Whole Clan

Love this sweet family!  They began as a Santa client years ago, but since then we have done baptisms and family sessions.  They are picture perfect and we had a great time in the poppies!

This shoot was so fun because Jason is an advertising agent and has a beautifully creative brain!!  It was so fun to create these images with his cute car!  It was so fun to collaborate with you!

 This may have been the perfect day... sunshine, wild flowers, beautiful weather and a gorgeous family!  Couldn't have gone better, until.... I asked dad to take off his shoes and cross the water!  Oh my!  baby feet! haha!

The Visser Family
This may have been my favorite family session of the year... the light!  the mountains!  the sweet and gorgeous girls!  It was magical!

The Ballards
Good people.  Very good people!  It was so fun to hang with you- I loved cute Kelly saying something like...I know it's cold, but you guys are the greatest! I can't wait to have these photos of you...a good mama attitude makes all the difference!

The Lee's
I love it when I get to see one of my "Santa" families throughout the year!  I've taken these 2 boys pics on Santa's lap for 5 years and with chicks and bunnies at Easter... but this year mom and dad got in the picture too!  Such a fun shoot at the Utah State Fair (and they got first booking dibs on the Santa shoot- there are perks!)

The Bairds
This is the beauty that designed my website!  I loved photographing this hot mama with her cute kids.  I loved the boho theme- they pulled it off magnificently!  I felt like I was photographing a magazine ad! Perfection!

The Bethers
Cutest family!  Each girl had such a unique beauty and, oh! the cute baby brother loved by all!  I had a blast!  Thanks Bethers!

The Ogdens
I'm so grateful I was asked to spend a couple of hours with this cute family in the very sacred 2 weeks that these 2 boys were home from their missions at the same time!!  

The Bartons
Can you stand it?  Four gorgeous girls?  These two know what they are doing!  And it was so cold and windy, but the girls were like magic- having fun with every step!!  

The Brousseaus
I love this family!  The first time I took their family portraits, I had to buy myself a DP after from chasing the youngest through the bushes ;) But, as I have watched these young men grow up, I've realized what a gift this cute mama has... she is raising the finest boys in the land!  When I said, "now- one of you give your mom a kiss"  ALL 4 OF THEM jumped at the chance!  I love that!  

The Owens
Oh!  The color!  Also, the last day there was water in the stream... don't think I'm not willing to get wet!  Anything for the right shot!

The Shelton Family

The Reading Family

My favorite compliment is "there were too many good ones to choose" and "we want to do another session soon"  Amy gave me both :)