Some of my favorites from my 2021 VIP team!

Montan- Jordan High
April- Corner Canyon
Alexis- Bingham High
Lake Powell Trip!!!
Montana- Jordan HS

Carlie - Bingham
Macie- Corner Canyon
Toni- Bingham
Chelsea- Corner Canyon
Macie- CCHS
Cara- CCHS
Faith- Bingham
Ella- CCHS
Cosette- Alta High
Heather- CCHS

These are from our cabin retreat and model shoot
Kali- Alta HS
April- Bling it On Dress shoot


Santa Shoot 2020

I love to travel with my business!  We had a blast shooting these Senior Portraits in LA.  Call me to coordinate your travel and photos!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is gaining lifetime friends.  This is the 6th member of the Connelly/Smith family that I've been able to shoot their Senior Portraits (and/or mission portraits/wedding engagements/family sessions).  They are the best!  And I'm loving their caboose!  Kenedy has spunk and kindness and beauty- all wrapped up in one!  

Wow!  She's just one of those clients that makes my job effortless!  
She's fun and natural and gorgeous!

Kendall is part of my Senior VIP team and I love her enthusiasm, her kindness and her freckles!

Kate blew me away with her natural beauty...those lashes!  That hair!  All 100% hers!

Rachel impressed me with her unassuming attitude and sincerity in all she said and did!  This girl is a 10/10 and I don't think she has any idea how beautiful she is!!!

This gorgeous lady has been a part of my life for all of her life!  This is my best friend's baby!!  She has grown into a stunning young woman who is as brilliant inside her head as outside!!  Bailey has a 4.0 GPA and is getting college scholarships all over the place!!  Congrats, Bai!!! 

Oh Adam!  What can you say?   Perfect boy?  Football player, class officer, Seminary officer... the full package!  If you spend any time with Adam, he'll have you laughing... 
thanks for playing with me, Adam! 

I loved working with Nate because this guy is a nice as he is handsome!  It's so fun to have the moms come with us and see how sweet these handsome boys are to their mamas! 
 Nate is an all-time great guy!

This is my beautiful daughter, Savanna... it has been so fun taking her on several shoots this year, but this one is our favorite.  She's beautiful, but I hope you can see the happiness she shares, the joy for life she brings and the service she loves to give to any little kid in the world (literally- the world) I can't believe she's a Senior this year and I'm going to feel like my best friend went away when she heads off to college next year... but I'm so excited for all life has in her path!  I love you, Nan!

Also loved our Ice Castle Session!

Winter came quick!  So glad MiKayla was willing to head up the hill for some snow pictures!  She rocked it!  This was the last time I got to shoot at Timble Fork before they drained the lake...

I loved how Abby wanted to push the limits a bit and try something new in her shoot- she got fully wet!!  Didn't think about the fact that she wouldn't have dry clothes for the ride home!!  So much fun, Abby!

Fell in love with Addie this day!  What a sweet, kind, wonderful girl and we had so much fun!  We started in the mountains and ended at the most beautiful night at the lake EVER!!  

I could never say enough about Mary... she went through a stroke when she was 13 years old and came out the other side stronger, better, more aware of others, tighter to her beliefs and closer with her family.  It has been incredible to watch this beautiful young woman grow up and I am so grateful I got to capture a bit of it on my camera!  I love you, Mars!!!

Ok, seriously?  Could she be any prettier?  Kimberly was so nervous and kept saying, "tell me what to do, Misty- I have no idea" and she KILLED IT!!  

My favorite part of this session, aside from the amazing colors we were able to find, was the way Julia's mom talked about her being the best daughter, the sweetest person and all good things!!  Love those good mamas out there!!!

We had a ball at the Ice Castles doing some "princess" pics! haha!  Tayler- you are so fun and full of life and energy and beauty... I loved taking your pics!

I absolutely love this girl!  She is gorgeous on the outside and makes everyone around her better, happier and totally at ease!  We had so much fun with her shoot- she's just the best!

This one was epic!  Max and I tried to cross a frozen lake and both of us dropped into a river to our knees!  Can you believe he kept smiling with ice sloshing in his shoes?  This guy is a total rock star!

We did a good job of faking the wide wonderful outdoors with this one- it's actually all taken at my mom's home in Sandy!  Perfect for warming up between shots and outfit changes!  And Lexi looked fabulous in every shot!

I've known JC since preschool and I was dying at how much of a MAN he has become!  It's hard not to fall for those beautiful blue eyes!!

Alexa and I did the "Draper Tour"  which means we drove to lots of really close locations to get a variety of looks for her portraits.  She looked absolutely amazing!  She also put on a really brave face when things started getting chilly!  Winter sessions!  Gotta love it!

Man!  Hilary brought it!  Doesn't she look gorgeous!  We lucked out with a beautiful day in November, but headed downtown for a fun Urban shoot!  You rock, Hil!

Ethan was a little reluctant to have his Senior Portraits done at all, but has a few amazing talents and we ended up having a blast showing them off...and, can I just say?, please notice the deer in the background of the golf pic!  Awesome!

This gorgeous brunette was a happy surprise for me!  She came along with her cute cousin, Brooke, for a joint session and I loved taking her photos!  She has a natural ease in front of the camera and the cutest personality!  Thanks for letting me take your Senior Portraits! 

Brave Bailey
I loved this session because Bailey was willing to try anything!  From hopping on a Harley to laying in the stinky sand- it was all worth these amazing shots!

The Beautiful Brooke
This beauty is as talented as she is gorgeous!  What a great chance to sneak a peak at all she has accomplished in her HS career!  Something to be proud of!

Nate and Gabe
I love Senior Sessions, but I may love them even more in pairs!  It's so fun to take two friends and let them play off each other…also doesn't hurt that they are incredibly handsome!! 

Once a Upon a Time, this handsome man did musicals with my daughter… his talent and resume have grown into Drama Championships and scholarships and radio shows!  So proud of you, Brock!  You've grown up good!!