About Me

Hi! My name is Misty Lewis.  I'm married to a wonderful man named Lane, who loves and supports me through all my crazy dreams, and it with two names like that- we just had to create Misty Lane Photography! 

I began my business in 2004 and am so grateful for the chance to connect with people and capture life on film, or pixels, or whatever!  I love working with children, teens and families in natural light settings. 

I am in love with taking Senior Portraits!  I love working with young adults at this crazy time in their lives!  They are so filled with excitement, anxiety, confidence and optimism.  I feel I have a unique ability to connect with Seniors and show off their personalities through my photography.  I am able to guide them into poses that help them to look their best, even when they don't feel as confident as they'd like.  I have been a featured photographer on Senior Style Guide, Senior Year Magazine, Seniorologie and NAPC Seniors.  

I also get the opportunity to contribute to KSL's Studio 5 program on occasion-
 check it out!

My Latest Segment is on Practicing 4 Photo Skills while capturing those final
"Summer Bucket List" moments.  Here's a full list of skills and t0-dos!

Skill #1- Watch for the Details
1. Go to the Beach!  Try DayBreak Lake, Herriman Lake, or Lake Powell
2. Decorate the Driveway in Chalk
3. Catch a Game! Whether your child's game or Real or Buzz
4. Head to the pool
5. Go Fishing with Grandpa

Skill #2- Perspective (Try a New One!)
6. Go on a Hike! Try Donut Falls or the Rock Slide in Alpine
7. Take a Family Bike Ride
8. Jump Off a Bridge! Lehi or Bluffdale 
9. Try a Rope Swing! Bloomington Lake, Farmington Pond, Sanequint
10. Go to a New Park or Waterslide

Skill #3- Low Light
11. Campfire S'mores
12. Firework Photos
13. Night games with neighbors
14. Sleep on the Trampoline

Skill #4- Backlight
15. Running through the sprinklers or slip-n-slide
16. Go to the Family Reunion
17. Jump on the Trampoline
18. Run through the Mud
19. Pop Bubbles
20. Go to a Carnival or Fair

Watch the Segment for tips on how to get the best photos during your summertime fun!

Pool Side Photos

I had a wonderful time on Studio five- check it out!